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Stainless Steel Multi_Strand

Stainless Steel Multi_Strand

Multi-Strand wires come in the greatest variety of stiness to meet a wide variety of applications. All GAC Multi-Strand wires are formed from 304-VAR stainless steel containing 3 to 8 strands. • WildCat® Wire – High-tempered 3 strand twisted wire • TriCat Wire – Three twisted round wires • Quad-Cat Wire – Pre-formed, 3 strand rectangular twisted wire • PentaCat Wire – Coaxial wire, spooled or pre-formed, 5 strands • HexaCat Wire – Six strand round, spooled coaxial wire • Multi Braid Arches – Eight-strand braided edgewise wire • WildCat Lingual Retainer Wire – Straight lengths, uniquely designed with a coarse finish

GAC Kobayashi <b class=red>Pre-formed</b>

GAC Kobayashi Pre-formed

Time Saving Hooks No need to remove archwire Made from pliable stainless steel