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GAC <b class=red>Sentalloy®</b> Closed Coil Springs

GAC Sentalloy® Closed Coil Springs

Closing spaces with closed Sentalloy coil springs brings exceptional results.   TWO DESIGNS ARE AVAILABLE: Two Eyelet Design: The initial length is 3mm unactivated (this does not include the eyelet lengths). These can be activated to 15mm without any deformation or change in force. No change in force will be seen as the coil contracts, reducing the space. To engage, slide over a molar hook and slowly stretch to the post on the cuspid bracket or a sliding hook on the archwire. Use a locking Mathieu plier on the widened platform of the eyelet. If you do not use the cuspid post, tie the archwire to the tooth you wish to move, slide on the sliding hook, then tie in the balance of the wire. Now engage the spring as above. For an eyelet with ligature wire, you have the option of hooking the eyelet on the molar, then activating the spring and tying it to the cuspid bracket with the .008” ligature wire. Should you wish to span an area greater than 15mm, measure the span first. Then place the coil on the molar hook and activate the coil 10mm. Tie the ligature wire to the bracket.