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GAC Stop <b class=red>Wound</b> Open Coil Spring

GAC Stop Wound Open Coil Spring

Sentalloy Stop Wound Open Coil Springs are packaged individually or in three 7” lengths to a tube. Each length is quadruple wound every 4mm. After determining the length of coil needed, simply cut the wire at the center of the tight spiral as indicated below: The quadruple wind can be cut by having one person stretch the wind while another person makes the cut; or by using a separating plier to stretch the wind and a hard wire cutter to make the cut. Sentalloy Stop Wound Open Coils with a standard lumen of .035” are available in forces of 50, 100, 150 and 200 grams. (.045” compatible coils are available in 150 grams of force only.)

GAC Molar Distallization Coils

GAC Molar Distallization Coils

Maxillary molars can be moved distally in 4-7 months without patient cooperation using our 100 gram Stop Wound Open Coil Springs. A modified Nance or A.C.C.O. may be used as an anchorage device initially. The coils are placed between the 1st bicuspid and the 1st molar – by passing the 2nd bicuspid. The coils are then activated against the molar using an archwire lock or our special crimpable stop. Cut the Stop Wound Open Coils so that they extend to the end of the buccal tube. Ligate the archwire to the 1st bicuspid, set the stop, then slide the coil onto the archwire. Next, feed the archwire into the tube, ensuring that the archwire is fully inserted with 2mm of wire extending beyond the tube. Uprighting springs may be used from the 1st bicuspid to the distal of the laterals to control any anterior movement. Using this system, you will see 1mm per month in space gained, with any anchorage loss well within clinically acceptable limits.